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Publisher Profile

Yoann Bierling

Fast Facts

Ezoic Start: July 2018

Ezoic Level: 4

Ezoic Revenue Increase: +653.31%

EPMV % Increase Over 1 Year: +27%

Top Audience Locations

United States




Ezoic Tools & Features Active


Video Player


Big Data Analytics

Levels Dashboard

Highest EPMV


Best Performing Ad Size


Yoann’s Story

Yoann Bierling started to be an online resume when he was searching for a job and wanted a presence online. He owns and operates his website, sharing tips on all things online monetization, office productivity, understanding data, and understanding the online ecosystem in general.

He has had this website for 12+ years and continues to put hard work and dedication into his site. He is not only a Level 4 publisher but also is a Premium Publisher with Ezoic, too.

His site explains: “Yoann is an International Business Consultant, facilitator, and coordinator. He worked more than 10 years in global business, supply chain, financial, SAP ERP projects, Web and SEO optimization for various industries, such as logistics, cosmetics, consumer goods, beauty care, or fashion, in more than 30 countries around the globe.”

“Ezoic Big Data Analytics has the ability to link income to everything on the site – with every article or ad placeholder on any page. It is simply unrealistic to carry out such a volume of work manually. Thanks to the system, you can see the income in real time – it will change when a new user visits your site.”

Learn how Yoann uses data to improve his site consistently. He is a big proponent of Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics tool and took the time to explain why in this recent blog. On his site, he has other blogs about Ezoic Premium, Ezoic as an AdSense alternative, and more.

Read about Yoann‘s experience →

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